The time has come.

    From the 1st of July I will communicate only via internet. No more SMS text and more voice calls using the old (and reliable) GSM network. There is no need to use them anymore. We are all connected 24/7, so why should I keep paying for services that I barely use?

    Luckily where I live, it’s possible to subscribe for a internet only package for the price of 99 dollars for 6 months and 12gb of data. This basically means I can use 2gb per month at the price of 16.5 dollars. And 2gb are more than what I need. At the moment I have a plan which include 500mb per month and I barely use 300, since I am always under wifi coverage at home and work.

    Not very expensive in my honest opinion.

    It will not be a big step actually. Text messages are long gone thanks to apps like iMessage, whatsapp, viber, Facebook, etc. And for the calls, well, that’s even easier. I barely make two calls every week. Now I will make then with viber, skype or facetime.

    But what about the people who are not on internet or don’t own a smartphone?

    Wait, who? I am sorry, the 90s are long gone, it’s time to move on. You can communicate with me from your computer or call me directly. Yes because I can still receive text and calls, my phone number will remain the same and nothing will change for you.

    The downside is the reliability and coverage of 3G/4G networks. But I live in a big city where I’ve never encountered any problem at all. And when I will travel I am pretty sure I can find wireless in basically every cafe’.

    I can only hope that more and more people will start doing like me, we are all tired of the unbelievable expensive rates the mobile carriers are always charging to us.

    Because, let me ask you, when was last time you couldn’t use internet to communicate?


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