Ten predictions for 2064

Browsing the news I’ve noticed this interesting article about how  Isaac Asimov imagined the world in 2014.
I am always fascinated  by how people in the past pictured the future.
So here I am, writing 10 prediction for the year 2064, 50 years from now.

2064 city

1 – INTERNET: There will be no more internet as we know it today. A new network, more secure, more fast and more robust will be used. And of course it will be completely controlled and constantly monitored. It will still be possible to access the internet of today, but it will be an underground network full of malware, insecure websites and scams.

2 – ENERGY: Batteries will still be a problem, more sophisticated technologies will help develop more advanced and sophisticated batteries, but still not good enough. Luckily, wifi-charging will be available almost everywhere.

3 – STREAMING: Multimedia content will be finally available everywhere, via streaming, at any time, in any language. Think about Spotify but also for movies, tv-shows, books, games, everything. The downside will be the subscription fee, very high.

4 – JOB: Software will become more sophisticated and difficult to develop but also very easy to use, leading to a shortage of programmers.

5 – CURRENCY: There will be a virtual currency accepted almost everywhere in the world (something like Bitcoins). It will be mostly used by travellers and for illegal activities.

6 – COMPANIES: The most powerful companies will be the “backup” companies. Everything about a person will be recorded and stored. Not because the government want to know everything, but because people itself will want to be safe and they will start to use wearable technology to keep track of everything. And this huge amount of data has to be stored in a safe place to be retrieved in case of necessity. People will pay a lot of money to backup companies to store their data in a secure and accessible way.

7 – TECHNOLOGY: Nanotechnology will be used in medical field, healthcare will be less expensive and people will have a life expectancy of 120 years. It will also be used by terrorists…

8 – GADGETS: Technology will be everywhere, inside clothes, food, everything. And everything will be synchronised so that any device will have your personal files and settings. No more smartphones/tablet/pc but a lot of different devices with no local storage and a single centralised memory for your data.

9 – A.I.: Artificial Intelligence will be almost a reality but not yet. Huge steps will be made but not enough to craft a non-human brain.

10 – CARS: Driverless cars will be common, as well as trains and airplanes. Cars will mostly use electricity instead of petrol which it will still be required to cover long distances.